Introducing Wavemaker Conversations

I’m Michael Schulder. That’s me in the beret, in 1960 — the infant son of a standup comic.

Notice the curiosity in those eyes? That curiosity has driven my career in journalism:

From covering the 1984 presidential election as a Researcher at ABC News;

To becoming a Writer at The MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour on PBS;

To my five years as a Writer for Peter Jennings at ABC World News Tonight; 

And 17 years as a Senior Executive Producer and on-air essayist at CNN. 

That’s roughly 25 years that I boiled down into an entertaining 25 minutes in this video: The Reel Michael Schulder. 

Shortly before I left CNN, I was invited to host a new radio interview program called CNN Profiles.

The result was 44 in-depth, deeply personal conversations with great authors and inspired leaders in sports, politics, business, the arts — you name it.

Which inspired me to establish my own platform and create Wavemaker Conversations: A Podcast for the Insanely Curious.

If you’re still curious, I hope you’ll take a few seconds to sign up for my Wavemaker newsletter.

It’s where I’ll be sharing the highlights — the truly memorable takeaways — of my continuing conversations with the most fascinating people imaginable.